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The only thing we can guarantee about the future is that it's going to look a lot different than the present.

Our research shows developing your “human skills”, including critical thinking, co-ordination, social perceptiveness, active listening and complex problem solving will equip you with a strong foundation to build your career on. Focusing on “human skills” will empower you with the ability to pivot between careers and across sectors. But that’s a lot easier said than done, right?

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Get Inspired by These Real-life Career Pivoters!

Alyssa Deville, 28Alyssa Deville

After finishing high school and working in retail for years, Alyssa decided she wanted something more. She methodically upgraded her skills by way of certificate programs, college courses, on-the-job training and an apprenticeship. She’s used her newfound mobility to leap from a job as a vendor representative to a traffic-control manager to a sheet-metal apprentice. She hopes to train her way into a foreman’s role, and eventually a teaching position at a technical school.

Hanif Syed, 27Hanif Syed

Hanif is an industrial engineer who leapt into a seemingly unrelated leadership opportunity in the health field. Hanif studied engineering at university, but diversified his skills with graphic design, information technology and a leadership program. In his first engineering job, he involved himself in all sides of the business — technical, sales, operations — so when an opportunity arose to become a regional director for Saint Elizabeth Health Care, he was ready to pursue his old dream of a career in health care.

Andréa Crofts, 27Andréa Crofts

Andréa had already left public relations to pursue her longstanding interest in graphic design when she realized she didn’t have the digital skills to produce what clients were asking for. She immersed herself in coding, enrolling in two web-development courses, including a nine-week boot camp. By taking her technical skills into her own hands, Andréa revamped her skills profile and quickly landed a job as a product designer for a software design and development company.