Quiz: Where Are You on Your Financial Journey?

By RBCMay 3, 2022

Physicians have to be good at many things — patient care, communication and multitasking, and, for some, running their own practice. But being good with money is a lifelong set of skills that needs to evolve with your needs over time.

Your financial goals and needs change along with your life stages. The next big event in your life — planned or unexpected — will pose new questions about your financial situation. What’s right for your money now won’t necessarily be so in 10 years. This short quiz can help you learn more about where you are now, what financial priorities you should focus on and how you can plan for tomorrow.

  1. What is your age? (choose one)

  2. What money story best describes you now? (choose one)

  3. What is the biggest financial challenge for you right now? (choose one)

  4. What is your financial goal for the next 5 years? (choose one)

  5. Which of these scenarios would make you feel the most financially comfortable? (choose one)

Mostly As: under 30

Where you are: Balancing financial priorities

Paying off debt while trying to focus on other financial goals can feel like another full-time job. Deciding what works for you can depend on your debt load, personal goals, and attitudes toward money. This is the stage where it's important to create a budget and learn to stick to it, as this will become a crucial skill as you move forward. Here are some stories to show you how to balance your priorities, set realistic goals and understand your options.

Mostly Bs: 30-45

Where you are: Growing your wealth

Your income gradually starts to increase and it gives you more opportunity to build your savings and investment portfolio. Whether you're saving for a down payment, starting your own practice or building up your retirement savings, all these goals require a plan. A perfect time to make a list of your short and long-term financial goals and work towards them. Read on for inspiration on planning your financial future:

More Cs: 45-54

Where you are: Managing and protecting wealth

You have been investing for some time and now your financial focus switches to nurturing it to continue growing and protecting it. This is the stage to build your investment/financial portfolio so you can enjoy retirement with less financial stress. With proper planning, living well in retirement may be easier than you think. Check out these stories for helpful insights.

More Ds: 55+

Where you are: Preparing for retirement

Preparing for retirement starts with aligning your heart, mind and finances. A flexible plan that changes with you over the years is important to help boost your retirement savings and preserve wealth. Make sure you've covered the important stuff and have an estate plan to balance your retirement with your legacy. As you prepare for retirement, here are some things to consider to help you get financially and personally ready.

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