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Do you love the spaciousness of suburban homes, but wither at the thought of an endless commute? Do you yearn to live in a vibrant city neighbourhood, but balk at the price tag?

In the perpetual debate between square footage and quirky corner coffee shops, there are no clear winners. What matters is what’s right for you. But if you’re not sure which side you’re on in the urban vs. suburban debate, this quiz will help you get some clarity.

  1. What would you do on an ideal Friday night? (choose one)

  2. Raising kids in the city is… (choose one)

  3. How do you feel about commuting? (choose one)

  4. When it comes to space, I need… (choose one)

  5. What kind of neighbourhood is ideal? (choose one)

If you answered mostly As

You're a city slicker. Some things about city living might frustrate you – like that police siren that went off last night at 2 a.m. - but ultimately you love being so close to everything and having a short commute. Buy a condo in the city and live your urban dream.

If you answered mostly Bs

You're adaptable. You love some things about the city – like the vibe and the diversity, but you also love the suburbs with their community feel. You could be happy in either locale. Compromise by buying a smaller home or townhouse in a suburb that's closer to the city.

If you answered mostly Cs

You're a suburb lover. Sure, the city is nice but you could never be happy in a teeny, tiny condo. You want space – and lots of it. Buy a home in the suburbs for the benefits of having a backyard, and space to spread out.

Want to be more specific with your neighbourhood search? Try the RBC Neighbourhood Explorer. By answering a few quick questions, we can help you find the neighbourhoods that might be right for you.