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We aren’t talking openly about money. Why? Money is considered a taboo topic. For some, it’s because we tie our financial situation to our self-worth. For others, it’s just how we were raised. The truth is: when we don't talk about money, we can make things worse. It's time to break the silence.


Jessie opens up about her first experience with debt and how she dealt with it.


Family is everything. Jessie reflects on how hers influenced her hustle.


Jessie shares her thoughts on finding the balance between getting money – without compromising who you are.


Jessie and Byron talk about the pressures that come with money and the realities of pursuing music as a career.


Money’s hard to get doing what you love. Watch Jessie share how about her time as a cashier when she was just starting out in the music world.


Jessie offers her opinion on the relationship between money and power.

It’s time to break the silence. Are you ready? Check out our tips on how to get the conversation started.