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Phone apps are for more than simply listening to your tunes or playing games. These five apps simplify and organize your life, giving you a little more time to enjoy life - every day.

What would you do with an extra hour a day? Sleep more? Exercise? Or finally pursue a dream you’ve been putting off? Here are five new websites and apps to help you reduce stress, drive efficiency and simplify your life.

1. Butter: Organize Your Online Subscriptions and Earn Cash Rewards

If you like the idea of saving time, organizing your subscriptions and even getting paid to do so, watch out for the upcoming Butter website.

Butter tracks the subscriptions associated with your Canadian debit or credit cards (all Canadian banks are welcomed), including Netflix, Spotify, GoodLife, Prime, and more.

And that’s not all: Get 1% cashback on all your eligible subscriptions, then get a curated list of new content you might enjoy — based on your current likes. You can spend time relaxing and browsing through a favourite digital magazines, books, or streaming video services.

2. DRIVE: Organize Your Digital Glovebox

The new DRIVE app can help you organize and simplify everything to do with your vehicle. Book local tune-ups, store important auto-related documentation, and get recall notifications and appointment bookings right on your phone.

DRIVE lets you receive money-saving coupons and local offers, and even find out what your car is worth when you’re ready to sell it. You can enjoy the time you’ve saved scheduling tune-ups by taking road trips instead.

3. GarbageDay: Stay on Top of Garbage & Recycling Days

If you find it hard to remember whether it’s garbage day or recycling day, sign up for GarbageDay. This household management app helps homeowners and families stay on top of those must-be-done but easy-to-mess-up waste removal chores.

GarbageDay will send either a text or email (your choice) to remind you if it’s garbage, recycling, yard waste, bulk waste collection, or even Christmas-tree collection day. Even better? It can notify multiple users in your household. So include your spouse and children, and you can share the responsibility for taking out the trash. Then you can use the time you save on a family home improvement project or two.

4. Get Digs: Send or Receive Rent Payments

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, Get Digs simplifies the way you handle rent payments. As a renter, you no longer have to waste time each month trying to remember where you left your chequebook or wondering what date your landlord will actually deposit your post-dated cheque. Get Digs offers renters the choice to pay rent by credit or debit card, with absolutely no transaction fees.

As a landlord, Get Digs reduces the risk on your rental properties by taking the hassle out of payments. Get Digs pays landlords on the first of the month and allows them to get paid by their renter directly, meaning landlords get paid on time even if their renter is late or misses a payment.

5. Ownr: Launch Your Business Quickly

Launching a small business is a lot of work! If you’re in Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia, Ownr can help simplify launching your business. This one platform can lead you through the process — from running a name search and registering your business, to helping you get started with branding your new company (think AI-powered logo design tool!).

Using Ownr to streamline the many tasks of your launch can free up your time so you can focus on running your new business.