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This Small Business Month, we celebrate all of Canada's small businesses who are the heart of our economy.

In this new six-part video series, Tony Chapman asks Canadian business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs how small business owners can navigate today’s new economy. How we live, work, and do business has certainly changed in 2020 and owners have had to adapt, pivot, and re imagine in these times. Watch as our experts share ideas, insights and inspiration:

Episode One: Joe Mimran – Stand for to Stand Out

Joe Mimran is one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, product innovators and marketers’ testament to a career where he built Club Monaco, established Joe Fresh, and a Dragon on Dragon’s Den. Joe provides fresh thinking on what makes a successful entrepreneur, and what it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Episode Two: Ujwal Arkalgud – The Changing Face of the Canadian Consumer

Ujwal Arkalgud is a renowned Cultural Anthropologist and co-founder of Motivbase. Ujwal shares his thoughts on how your customer is thinking, feeling, and behaving differently, and at times the same, because of the pandemic. He offers powerful advice for every business owner on how to stay in step with their customer or be at risk of being passed by.

Episode Three: Angela Donnelly – Winning Cultures Begin with You

Angela Donnelly is the founder of Corethentic; a niche consultancy focused on transforming an organization’s core by unlocking a culture of empowerment, accountability, and excellence. Angela will share her thoughts on why small business owners have an advantage in how they create a culture that attracts customers and employees. Learn how to shift your intent and create a winning culture, by shifting from getting to giving.

Episode Four: Chris Barrett – Put your Best Click Forward

Chris Barrett is the CEO of Operatic, a strategic digital agency that helps businesses digitally transform and compete. Chris shares his thoughts on what every small business must do to transform their business, and put their best click forward.

Episode Five: Christian Dion – Kick-up Your Online Marketing

Christian Dion is a digital marketing expert and heads up programmatic solutions marketing for the ad tech leader Broadsign. Christian will share his thoughts on how small business owners can amplify their online digital marketing with speed, precision, efficiency, and affordability. Learn the secrets of the top brands where 1+1=3!

Episode Six: Lori Darlington – Bank on These Words of Wisdom

Lori Darlington is VP of Small Business Strategy for RBC. Lori shares her thoughts on what it takes for a small business owner to compete in today’s marketplace.

Tune in to the #SmallBusinessMatters podcast series to hear inspiring stories of small business owners across Canada.