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Love, good intentions, possibilities, the future -- it's all we think about when we make the decision to get married.

Most people go into marriage with the idea of this being their lifelong partner. Families are started, goals and dreams are discussed and lives intertwine. But love and life are not always the same thing. Marriage does not always work out. In fact, in North America, divorce occurs in about 50 percent of marriages.

And while divorce can be the end of one chapter, it can also be the beginning of a new chapter. With the the right communication, openness and prudence, divorce can be relatively smooth for both parties, and even kids if there are any. Acknowledging the problems, protecting yourself legally and financially, and ensuring an amicable outcome will benefit everyone now and into the future.

Navigating Divorce – HONEY, WE NEED TO TALK

Getting Through the Stages
The negatives of divorce can be mitigated with open communication and the proper counsel. Talk to your spouse and a lawyer to ensure you are well-protected. If there are kids, focusing on taking care of them can make the process a more amicable one.

Divorce in Canada
48% of Canadian marriages end in divorce.1

These are the steps
1. Acknowledge the problems.
2. Communicate – Talk to counsel to make sure you are protected.
3. Prepare for potentially dramatic financial changes.
4. Remain as amicable as possible.

Moving On
It’s not easy and will take time, but a slow and steady approach along with civil and open communication can help navigate divorce successfully and potentially mitigate fi¬nancial and mental stress.

Source: 1United Nations Statistical Division (UNSTAT)