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Get down and dirty with some of these changemakers who could inspire you to address the mess that may be sitting in your own home.

In 2021, the phrase “Home Alone” can either remind you of the Christmas movie or describe how you spent the last 18 months. It’s no wonder Canadians are spending more on home products and improvements than ever before, seeing opportunities to better their living environments in (and out), just in time to safely start summer entertaining.

Welcoming guests once again may help explain the popularity of online personalities captivating audiences with ways to tidy, deep clean, disinfect, organize and ultimately eliminate the dirt and chaos at home.

Get down and dirty with some of these changemakers who could inspire you to address the mess that may be sitting in your own home.

Go Clean Co (Bleach, Pray, Love)

Move over Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, a quick dive into Calgary-based GoCleanCo Instagram page tells you something their 2 million followers on Instagram already know: there’s something extremely satisfying about going beyond basic clean. Owner Sarah McAllister has a no holds barred approach to everything that takes up space in your house. Eye-opening laundry tips will have you ‘stripping’ your ‘clean’ Lululemon’s to a whole new level of purity while her room and appliance cleaning hacks are game-changers on all levels. Think of it as teaching a new generation of homeowners and renters how to rise above the dirt, by going deep into it, first.

Pro Tip: According to McAllister, a box of powdered Tide solves pretty much any cleaning crisis.

Nabela Noor

Normalizing the beauty and joy in homemaking is an art form that Bangladeshi-American Nadela Noor has mastered. The 27-year-old gives off positivity, social acceptance and awareness and interior #homegoals. With a combined nine million followers across popular social media platforms, some of her cleaning and organizational tips may seem basic (clean as you go, re-set your space for the next day, make your own cleaning products) but the visuals and simplicity of her spaces will motivate you to improve the current aesthetic in any room.

Pro Tip: “Find a signature scent, the way your home feels and smells is more important than how it looks.”

CleanThatUp — Brandon Pleshek

Prominent male cleaning influencers are harder to find, but Brandon Pleshak of CleanThat Up, a highly likable and relatable, self-described ‘3rd generation janitor,’ always gives you the inside scoop on cleaning the things you may not always think about. Like your Apple watch band and the knobs on your oven (they are usually removable to clean behind!) — and all the main areas of your home too; floors, windows and bathrooms.

Pro Tip: A half-wet paper towel will collect the last little bits on an almost completely swept floor.

Lia Mari Organization

This NY-based organization and packing phenom showcases all the things we all do wrong when it comes to closet hanging, clothes folding and travel prep. In doing so, she’ll make you realize how quickly and simply you can upgrade your closet and other spaces with a little time, colour coordination, and well-intentioned editing or pare down.

Pro Tip: Use (reusable) straws as necklace travel carriers so your beautiful pieces arrive untangled and ready to be worn.

My Clean Sofa

For anyone surrounded by children, dogs, excitable friends, or unsteady elders, Barrie, Ontario-based My Clean Sofa is a friend for when someone — even you — accidentally stains your favourite piece of furniture. Although largely a retail site, their Instagram account highlights no-nonsense owner Dan providing tips and tricks for cleaning up spilled wine, coffee, and your tears of joy when you realize that expensive or nostalgic couch and/or cushions can be reclaimed from a certain junk pile destiny thanks to his restorative tips.

Pro Tip: Always consider the fabric you are working with when trying DIY stain removal at home.

Transforming your space doesn’t need to be expensive or highly imaginative. It feels incredibly refreshing to sit in a home you’ve cleaned and organized with a little help from a few well-informed influencers.