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As more and more transactions and interactions are being done online, introducing tech into your business has never been more important. But where do you start? This collection of resources offers research, best practices, advice from experts and funding opportunities to help you get online today.

A recent RBC Small Business poll revealed that Canadian business owners and consumers alike say technology will continue to play a critical role in the future of small businesses — and close to 70% of Canadians agree digital technologies make it easier than ever to start and grow a business.

Technology can also help boost loyalty and customer satisfaction, as more than half of Millennials and two-thirds of Gen Z respondents prefer more digital interactions in their shopping experience.

From having a strong online presence to implementing an e-Commerce platform to automating operations and moving to cloud-based inventory management, technology can help propel your business.

Whether you’re new to technology or looking to expand the role digital technologies play in your business, the resources below can help you get online, access technology grants, and turn your website into an e-Commerce engine. Plus, you’ll hear online experts and business owners share best practices, insights, experiences and recommendations to help you successfully go digital.







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