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In this increasingly competitive job market a degree is no longer a guarantee that you will land a job.

“Getting a job today is about how many and’s you have on your resume,” says Alan Kearns, Toronto-based career coach and founder of CareerJoy. In addition to your education and job experience, it helps to show other experiences like volunteer work, travel, and that can hold your own on a soccer field.

If this all sounds overwhelming, take a deep breath. Filling your roster with qualifications employers seek out may be easier than you think. You just have to know how to package yourself. Take this employability quiz to find out what it takes to attract the right employer.

  1. It's worth the time to think and develop myself as a brand and developing my career persona.

  2. Social media is only a way to connect with my friends.

  3. Being able to handle multiple projects at once without being overwhelmed and always meeting deadlines is important.

  4. A university degree will help me figure out what I want to do with my life.

  5. Playing team sports is about more than winning.

  6. Getting great grades is all I need to focus on.

  7. When on an interview, you should be able to write a compelling one-pager about the company

  8. You should be able to provide examples of how you used critical thinking skills to work through the issue.

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You're on your way to catching a company's attention, but could use one or two more “and's" on your resume. Look at where you fall short and spend some time developing yourself as a brand. Make sure your social media is clean and that it represents your career persona.

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While you may have made the grade on your report card, your interpersonal and problem-solving skills need some work if you want to land a job in today's competitive market. Try taking a communications course, join a team sport