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Financial advisors are not just for the wealthy. It's a misconception that holds many people back from getting the advice, support and insights they need to make informed financial decisions.

A regular check in may even help you feel more confident about your financial future. Clearly, it’s time to dispel some myths.

There are three things an RBC Check In IS, and three things it is NOT.

Three Truths About a Check In

Here’s what you can expect when speaking with a financial advisor.

An RBC Check In is:

  1. A time to align your finances with your life and goals. An advisor is interested in getting to know the real you — your priorities, your dreams and your current realities. Only by getting a full picture can an advisor understand how to help you achieve what matters most to you.
  2. An opportunity to ask questions. A check in is a two-way conversation where you can discuss areas of concern … or even confusion. There are no prerequisites when it comes to speaking with a financial advisor: You don’t need to have a high level of financial knowledge or experience. Advisors are trained professionals who can walk you through the basics and dive into the complex as your needs require.
  3. A moment to evaluate your needs and services. Have your savings needs changed? Are your financial goals different today than yesterday? Have your spending habits shifted? Can your savings work harder? Can you achieve your financial goals sooner? Because as life changes, your financial needs do too.

Three Myths About a Check In

Here are some myths that keep people from speaking with a financial advisor.

An RBC Check In is not:

  1. A sales pitch. Check ins are not one-sided conversations about things that don’t apply
    to you. They are about getting advice to help you achieve your goals.
  2. An opportunity to judge you, your financial situation, or the decisions you’ve made so far. There are no report cards of your financial track record being issued here.
  3. Only a discussion about investments. You don’t even need to have investments to speak with an advisor! And you don’t need to have a certain amount of investible assets to start a conversation.

The right financial advisor can help you find ways to manage your money so it’s working hardest for you. They are partners in your financial life, there to provide support, advice and insights to help you reach your financial goals.

If you’re still not convinced, book your Check In today. You might be surprised by the real discussions that can take place between you and an RBC advisor.